No Partner? No Problem!!

Remember when you didn't need a partner to dance? Well, good news! You still don't!
Remember when you didn’t need a partner to dance? Well, good news! You still don’t!

Did you know, 75% of our students don’t have a partner when they start taking dance lessons.

No kidding!!

People often think that to learn ballroom dancing, they have to come in with a partner. It’s not true.

Of course you need a partner to dance with in social dancing, but your teacher becomes your partner.

A lot of men and women think they can’t come in to dance because they don’t have a partner. The truth is, 75% of our students are here without a partner.

They might be married and their spouse doesn’t want to join them. Or perhaps they’re not married, and they wanted to learn. Either way, three-quarters of our students come in unaccompanied.

And you can too.

It’s a frustrating part of this business – and our society! – that people don’t feel like they can do this themselves. Most students are nervous at the outset, walking into an unfamiliar environment. They don’t want to be embarrassed, they don’t want to fall on their face.

We make it very simple, step by step (literally!), and we gradually build on.

Overjoyed senior playing air guitar outdoorsWe encourage students at the beginning so they find out that they can learn how to dance.

You see their confidence grow. I tell my dance teachers, “Every good dance lesson must be fun, it must be easy, it’s got to have some kind of movement involved, some feeling of dance, and the last and most important is the student has to see their own progress. Fun, easy, and progress.”

When a student begins with us, we tell them there are three things to accomplish.

First, to realize that they can learn how to dance, their teacher is the right teacher for them, and our studio is the right place for them.

Very quickly, they start to gain confidence.

Female legs in jeans and shoes outdoorsIt’s common for beginning dance students to look down at their feet during the lesson. It’s a funny thing, really, because we don’t look at our feet while we walk!

Once they begin looking up, they learn to trust their feet to move in the right direction, to take them where they need to go, and before you know it, they’re thinking and feeling and enjoying.

No nerves. Standing tall.