The Power of Dance; Combating Old Age and Loneliness


We’ve all heard the saying, “age is just a number.” Well, it’s true! No matter how old you are, you can always be young at heart! And one of the best ways to feel young again is through dance! Dancing lets you stay active, express yourself and can even boost your mood! Get that youthful feeling again by getting out on the dance floor and having some fun! Here are just a few ways dancing keeps you young at any age:

  • Dancing keeps you fit! Dancing is an activity that can keep you active and fit, no matter what age you are. Your moves don’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to be the best. The point is that you are MOVING! And continuing to stay active as you get older is an important part of healthy aging. Just one spin around the dance floor and you’ll be feeling that youthful energy again!
  • Dancing keeps your brain healthy! There’s no doubt about it, regular physical activity is good for every part of your body, including your brain! In fact, some studies have shown that dance might benefit dementia sufferers through its ability to stimulate many different functions of the brain. Talk about a fun way to keep your mind feeling young and healthy!
  • Dancing boosts your mood! Dancing can provide a fun and encouraging social environment for people of all ages. Depression and loneliness are common problems among older adults. Dancing in a social atmosphere releases endorphins in your brain that combat depression and give you an overall boost in feelings of happiness!
  • Dancing keeps the romance alive! Many people feel like their marriages lose that romantic spark as they get older. But nothing is more romantic than swaying around the dance floor with your loved one! Dance can bring the passion back in your relationship and make you feel like two young lovebirds again!

So stop letting your age dictate what you can and can’t do! Get dancing, have fun, feel alive! And remember, age is just a number.