‘Tis the Season…to Dance

Office parties, family celebrations, New Year’s Balls. You name it, there are many opportunities for dancing at this time of year.

And for those who are comfortable dancing already, great. For those who aren’t, however, it’s a perfect time of year to give dance lessons as a gift.

This holiday season, consider a gift that actually does keep on giving – dance lessons! We sell gift certificates and packages for everyone in your life who might like to dance or benefit from doing so.

The elderly relatives with time on their hands and a desire to stave off memory loss…perfect gift.

The newlywed couple who are so busy with work, they hardly have time to see each other…perfect gift.

The empty-nesters who are becoming reacquainted in the absence of their grown children…perfect gift.

A sweater or a tie is nice, but will you be wearing it a few years from now? Dance lessons will give you the opportunity to impress co-workers and get romantic with your partner. A gift that truly does continue to give.