value-adding-for-clientsI have this conversation throughout the year: We’re not the cheapest, but we’re the best value.

Perhaps a student comes in and says they danced somewhere else on a Groupon or special offer. The other studio is always cheaper, and they often say disparaging things about why we are more expensive.

The student shares the story with me, waiting for an explanation. This is how it goes:

He says, “You know I was taking lessons at another place and you charge more than they do, but I like the feel here. The other place was kind of a dive. They said you charge more because you have to pay franchise fees.”

I explain that it’s not why we cost more.

Rather, the higher pricing comes from our environment, our studio, the quality of instruction, the friendliness and ongoing teacher training alongside current continual teacher certifications. Those are the reasons: in short, the value.

Value-PropositionI’m proud to say, we’re not the cheapest in the ballroom dance game, and that’s ok.

I’m tired of all the other studios blaming it on the franchise. It’s not that. We charge what we need to charge to offer the best quality and the best value.

Plus, our private lesson pricing includes FREE group lessons and FREE parties, all week every week.

When comparing pricing, it’s important to look at the whole package. We’re not for everybody. But you know, I don’t want everybody. I don’t want to be the cheapest one on the block.

I just want to be the BEST.