Walking In

Sometimes a person simply walks into the door and says, “Hi, I’m here. I’ve always wanted to dance. What can you tell me?”

Just the other day a man walked in unannounced and asked Megan to explain what we offer.

Comp-(2)He’d always wanted to dance, he’d driven by many times, and one day, he took his first and most difficult step…the first step into our studio.

Yes, we get walk-ins. It’s actually pretty cool. Perhaps three or four a month just show up – perhaps they work nearby or heard about us through the grapevine or just walk in for no reasons, spontaneous and curious.

This time of year is really busy, in fact, since everyone’s looking for something to do.

I love walk-ins. They take chances. They follow their instincts. They are curious and adventurous and have nothing to lose.

None of us do. It’s just sometimes fear that holds us back. And every walk-in who comes to our studio reminds me that our biggest obstacle is ourselves.