What To Wear

New students often ask, “What should I wear to my first lesson?”

The truest answer is, wear whatever you’re comfortable in. And know that may change as you become more adept at dancing.

When students first come to our studio and embark on learning to ballroom dance, they may be nervous, anxious, hesitant. When those feelings prevail, it’s imperative to put yourself in as comfortable a position as you possibly can – so wear your favorite clothes that make you feel good about yourself and in which you can move easily.

Some new students come in in blue jeans. Some come to the studio at the end of a work day, so they’re in pleated pants and button-downs or pencil skirts and silk shirts.

As they become more comfortable in our studio, their attire is likely to change. We’re not formal by any means, but they may feel like wearing the flair of ballroom dance. Dress up a bit, feel more feminine, add some snazz to their outfits.

Some people wear workout clothes – leggings and dance shoes, a flowy shirt that billows as you spin on the dance floor.

Interestingly, many of the ladies who come to dance have professional, formal careers. They may be lawyers, doctors, business executives, and in those venues, workplace attire is tantamount. Unfortunately, workplace attire can sometimes seem straight-laced and, frankly, boring.

What often happens is our students shed the grays and navy blues of the workplace and don vibrant colors, sleek silhouettes and accessories that make them smile. They come to equate dancing with putting on their best self, flaunting their personal flair.

That makes dancing even more fun – when you can dress it up, be playful, bring out an inner creative or a hidden style. Because here in the studio, you’re welcome no matter what you wear.