Why Should I Take Dance Lessons HERE?

fads pic feetSure enough, there are dance studios in a lot of places. We are the ONLY Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Michigan.

So, why should you take lessons with us?

Our Unique Selling Proposition, how we are different than other ballroom dance studios, lies within our quality instruction, quality service and best value.

Trust me. Our method is the quickest, easiest way to learn how to dance for a lifetime, using our Fred Astaire system.

I instruct our staff all the time in our unique method of teaching dance. Sometimes, I’ll ask my dance instructors what they think our unique selling proposition is. And I get interesting responses.

Unique Selling PropositionOne person said the cleanliness of our studio. Another referred to our big, beautiful studio. Still another instructor said our USP is our connection to community and the charity work that we do with amputees and people in wheelchairs, breast cancer survivors, autistic individuals and more.

And yet another teacher said our training system that requires our teachers to be certified is our best characteristic.

Yes, yes, yes. I told my instructors that they are all right, and that ultimately they need to know in a heartbeat what makes us unique and worthwhile. Why come here?

Because with Fred Astaire’s method of teaching ballroom dance, you’ll learn quicker, easier and more thoroughly than anywhere else.