You Don’t Need a Partner to Dance

Say what?

A common objection I hear from people interested in taking ballroom dance lessons is, “I don’t have a partner.”

And I tell them, “You don’t need to bring a partner to learn how to ballroom dance.”

The phone rings and emails come in with this one question, from people so eager to learn it’s heartbreaking. Perhaps they’re single or their spouse doesn’t have an interest in dance or whatever the reason may be – they feel this is a barrier to stepping into the studio themselves.

And it is absolutely NOT.

A good number of our regular, dedicated students are individuals – they may be paired up in their personal lives but for many reasons, they come to our studio solo. And have a ball.

They take private lessons with our teachers, who become their partner. They take group lessons, where they are paired up and move along the line with various partners throughout the lesson. And if they want to compete, they partner with a teacher and put on a great performance.

This is true for both men and women. (News flash: it’s not just men who object to taking dance lessons as a couple!)

Just like Richard Gere in the 2004 movie, Shall We Dance, come because you want to – and don’t worry about whether you have a ready partner.

Step inside for love of the dance, and you will gravitate toward someone who will be your dance partner, through thick and through thin, through fox trot and waltz and salsa and more.

Oh, and by the way, it doesn’t mean anything is lacking in your relationship outside of the studio. It’s perfectly OK to have a hobby of your own, even if it involves a partner!

Most of the individuals who come to our studio by themselves are actually pretty confident in their own interest and desire to build a new skill, and they’re pretty secure in their personal relationships outside of here. So don’t balk and don’t use this reason to avoid doing something you’ve been dying to try. Come inside – we’ll make sure you have a ball.