You Get What You Pay For

Think of the difference between a walk-in chain haircut shop that gives you the same cut as every guy before and after you, and compare that with the attention and specific style you’ll get at a salon. Five or 10 dollars buys you the first; it might be $25-40 for the second.

There’s a huge difference, right?

It’s true with any transaction: you get what you pay for.

At Fred Astaire Dance Studio, our lessons are not cheap. We have professional dance teachers who are certified and are required to increase their certification every six months.

We take the business of ballroom dance seriously. We want people to learn, safely, in a professional environment. And so we cost a little more.

You can probably find a dance teacher on the cheap, on Craig’s List, or some flier in the neighborhood. And you might have fun with them.

But you won’t learn in the way you will at Fred Astaire. There IS a difference. You get what you pay for.

Our teachers are well-trained in both male and female steps of every dance they teach. They train daily. They perform themselves. They’re tested every six months, so they have to know not only the specifics of each dance, they have to be skilled at verbally explaining it and counting it out (quick quick slow…) so that every student “gets it.”

We include groups and parties for free for our students who take private lessons because we know that combining private lessons with group opportunities to dance is the fastest way to learn the skills of ballroom dancing. It’s a comprehensive approach and a thorough package so that the value far exceeds mere dance lessons.

We take pride in the way we teach ballroom dance. You get what you pay for.