You Must Practice

Ever known a gymnast who never tumbled between competitions?Talent and virtuosity. Black and white top view image of man playing piano

A concert pianist who only plucked the ivories when on stage?

A singer who simply spoke in an everyday voice until handed a microphone?

In order to do something well, we must practice. It doesn’t matter what it is. Practice makes progress, and progress makes perfection.

A lot of people think they can just take one dance lesson and be ready for their wedding dance. Or one salsa lesson before going on a cruise.

teenager doing gymnastics danceLike anything worth having, dance skills demand practice, lessons, and more practice before you feel ease on the dance floor.

I think of the art of dance much like a good golf game. Without putting time, practice swings and a little expertise and direction to learn how to land on the green rather than the sand, you can’t be a great golf player if you don’t practice, practice, practice.

And you’ll never be an easy and fluid dancer if you don’t practice on the parquet.

As with every sport, dance requires muscle memory. The more you move your body in the same storied steps, the better you’ll become and the more comfortable you’ll be.

Shoes legs ballroom dance teaches dancers couplePractice happens in a lot of ways at Fred Astaire Dance Studio. During private lessons, with fellow students, at our dance parties or in our group lessons. There are so many opportunities to practice what you’ve learned!

Practice is our mantra. And, it’s the fastest, easiest way to learn to dance.

That’s the philosophy of Fred Astaire Dance Studio, and that’s why we offer FREE group lessons and dance parties to our regular private lesson students.

The more you do, the more you can do.