La La Land

What a beautiful movie. And what a time to release a musical movie to the mainstream, full of its dreamy romance and nostalgia of a better time.

Couple dancing salsa at sunsetWhatever our country is feeling today, this movie is a salve to the soul. This modern-day musical recalls some of the classics, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers included.

Even the storyline (no spoilers, don’t worry) focuses on preserving the beauty of an art (jazz, acting, storytelling) that can be ruined with too much adaptation for more modern audiences.

The story was light-hearted and feel-good, helping an audience that spans generations feel connected in the positivity that it reveals. Even when the ending is not as you expect (see, I promised no spoilers!), you can forgive the twist it takes due to the exquisite performances and compilation of talent that makes you want to get up and dance in the theater.

From my perspective, I see it as another example of this great interest in dance. It’s been building and building, with so many different dance movies and TV shows – dating back to Dirty Dancing and Shall We Dance, and then more modern titles like Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance.

Partner dancing is becoming more popular again. The consumer sees the positive feelings that can’t help but pour forth when people dance.

I’d rather go see a movie like this than some of the shoot ’em up bang bangs terrible horror films that flood our popular culture. La La Land – a positive happy story about how song and dance really do generate happiness.