Meet the Hectors

A few words with the Hectors, FADS students…

Father (facing camera) and bride dancing

Michaela and Tom Hector’s daughter was getting married, and Michaela, 65, and Tom, 76, wanted to dance at her wedding. They danced for a year in preparation, so Tom would be well-prepared for the father-daughter dance.

The wedding was five years ago. They have been dancing ever since.

This couple says dancing is a great way to stay active, especially given Tom’s busy schedule as a fly fisherman now that he retired from flying. While his trips may make it harder to “follow a strict curriculum” that comes with other forms of exercise, Michaela and Tom can take private lessons whenever they have free time.

Senior Couple Having Fun In Busy BarThey have learned the waltz, the foxtrot, the rumba, the country two-step and the hustle. Michaela says dancing helps her keep in shape, while being even more of an exercise for the mind. Dancing clears the head, she says; “you cannot think of anything else when you’re dancing. Dancing takes you away from your everyday. It transports you to another plane.”

Michaela and Tom also do other forms of exercise such as Pilates, tai-chi, and Kali (martial arts training with Pilipino fighting sticks.) They find dancing is extremely compatible, because it helps hone strength and balance. Both Michaela and Tom are senior partners with FITTEAM Global, a leadership development group.