Celebrating 70 Years

This year, Fred Astaire Dance Studios celebrates 70 years in business. 70 Years!! Can you believe it? What a legacy.

It’s hard to believe that this franchise has been around that long and growing faster today than ever before. How does a company last that long?

It’s pretty remarkable that a franchise can last that long and grow even faster 70 years into the journey. Like any company, we’ve gone through lots of changes over the years, but we are in a great place right now.

There are wonderful new opportunities on the horizon (stay tuned for news in the near future!)

Simply put, it is an honor to be part of this wonderful company. Fred Astaire himself was such an icon. He’s somebody who had a way about him, a real gentleman personality, multitalented as a dancer, singer, actor.

His personality continues today, infusing everything we do in this company with belief of what is possible. With happiness and joy and exhilaration on the dance floor.fads pic feet

Even though there are younger people who come into the studio and don’t know who Fred Astaire is – no joke, they ask me if I’m Fred; I usually say I’m his grandson! – they are amazed when they learn who he was and what he created.

He was a perfectionist with his dancing and everything he did – he would practice and practice until he had it right. That’s what we try to do with our students, continuing a great legacy started by a great man.