Where Have All the Dance Teachers Gone?

Without dance teachers, there is no dance. 

Our business depends on finding good teachers. This whole industry exists only because we have talented instructors leading our students step-by-step through the art and sport of dance. 

The biggest challenge to business growth is finding and keeping good teachers. 

So where do we find them? 

Either we bring in competitive dancers who are also great instructors from overseas and attune them to American culture, or we find eager folks here and teach them the intricacies of dancing and teaching dance. 

Neither one is a perfect scenario. 

I’d love to find American dance teachers who are already skilled in the art of dance and love to teach it. I don’t want to have to compromise or bend to fit people into position. Our teachers earn $25-35 an hour, and they’re busy, having fun with their work and their students. This is a good career for people who truly want to be kept on their toes and challenged with new opportunities every step of the way.