His Words

Fred Astaire was fond of saying: “Some people seem to think that good dancers are born but all the good dancers I have known are taught or trained.”

That’s our philosophy at Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Many people think you need to be born with the ability to dance. But our guru, our great example of talent, Fred Astaire, said, no, you need training.

It makes sense. With any skill, you may be naturally gifted or have an inclination toward a sport or an art form, but without proper training and repetition, you don’t have much.

Would you golf without hitting many thousands of balls in practice before joining a golf outing?


Would you expect to make it onto a pro sports team without years of practice, coaching and blood, sweat, tears?


Would you dare to dance a ballet on stage without repetitive practice and training in a studio?

Absolutely not.

So why does anyone think you can partner dance well without taking lessons and practicing?

It’s a skill like any other, requiring practice and repetition, guidance and instruction.Instructor in dance school with couple

Regardless of natural skill, you can’t shine on the parquet without effort – and a lot of it!

Of course you can learn how to dance. People often struggle and lament when they see a couple glide as if effortless across the dance floor, wishing they could do that with such ease.

Ask them. I bet it didn’t just happen overnight.