Customer Appreciation

When people call our studio, our front desk professionals ask, “How can we make you smile?”

The ballroom dance business is all about customer satisfaction, and showing appreciation and kindness to those who cross our threshold. What do you do for your customers?

As we near year-end, people start to think about sending thank you gifts to clients and colleagues for a successful year of hard work. Sometimes they order custom logo chocolate bars and send a glitzy card.

Why not consider hosting an event to which clients and colleagues alike can let loose and be pampered? We have had financial planners and insurance companies do exactly that in our space.

The business owner rents out our space and invites all the year’s customers and collaborative partners for a fun night, on the company. Drinks, dress-up, dance instruction, you name it.

The best part of such an idea, is you show customers how much you appreciate their presence to help your business success – and you also connect them with others who might help their businesses or personal lives. Paying it forward. Networking. A swirl of possibilities, all good.

If you hold an event in a restaurant, there’s already food there. We cater it into the studio. Our dance instructors lead all the guests in fun, easy lessons to grow comfortable on the parquet. Everyone has a great time. And they remain fond of you and your business.

Think about it: saying you matter, we appreciate you, goes a very, very long way.