Dance Eases Life’s Challenges

A few words with FADS student Melanie Howard…

“I was experiencing a challenging time in my life when I started dancing at Fred Astaire Studio in 2014,” says Melanie Howard. “I was looking for a new activity in hopes of simply finding a distraction.”

Beautiful young receptionist at workMelanie was at a point in her life that cried for change when a friend told her to go find something new, go dance. When she searched for studios, Fred Astaire Dance Studio was the first to pop up. As she clicked to enter the main page, it said CALL NOW. She called.

“How can I make you smile?” answered the receptionist. And smile Melanie did.

After that call she started taking lessons, which has resulted in so many positive things, including the development of a new relationship with herself.

Tango Dance“The staff are all incredibly kind and positive. It’s not just the staff though, it’s everyone. I have made new friendships that will last a lifetime. I have also gained confidence in doing something I’ve never done, and I’ve met people I wouldn’t otherwise have had the privilege of meeting. It’s been really wonderful connecting with new people.”

Dance rejuvenates Melanie, helping her feel balanced. Now, she has more confidence to enquire deeper into newfound interests. Initially, Melanie says she was nervous.

“I had never danced before, but it’s been a good challenge and dance has helped keep me healthy and positive. Going to the studio feels like family which has helped nurture a new confidence for other aspects in life, too.”

Beautiful young girl with a light natural make-up and“I’m 55 and it’s fun and exciting to learn new things about myself. I’ve even recently completed courses to receive my certification as a makeup artist. I’d like to be able to give back to Fred Astaire so I hope to have opportunity to help students with their makeup for competitions and other special studio events. It’s been an amazing journey; seeking a distraction only to discover I love to dance. Who knew!?”