Dancing In My Car

Excited woman enjoying driving her convertible carI can’t help it.

I’ll be stuck at a red light and a catchy tune comes on the radio. I start to bop and bounce in my seat. I smile. My head bobs. Maybe my fingers snap. I might even tap the steering wheel.

Do you dance in your car when a good song comes on? If so, you’re in good company. Many of us can’t help start to moving when we listen to music.

It’s pretty easy to dance when you’re seated behind the wheel. But when you’re dancing with somebody else, you need to learn skills so you can coordinate smoothly.

I think of this when I’m bopping along in my car, feeling pretty good about life and my surroundings. It’s a happy moment that makes me want to do more to prolong that happiness.

Learning to dance on a dance floor, counting to the beat of the music with a smiling partner, may just be the way to go. Learn to move together, as you move to the music, and you can do anything.