Fred Astaire was a Golfer

One of the best things about being an entrepreneur or small business owner is that, ideally, you can make time to do the things that make you feel good.  

One of my long-term hobbies besides dancing has always been golf. It’s a great opportunity to use my competitive athletic skills and also bond with other guys when we’re out on the course, talking business and having a good time outside.  

Recently, I was Up North enjoying a northern Michigan spring day, under blue skies and clear sunlight, freshly thawed air, surrounded by friends on the incredibly green course. As a business owner, I could take time to retreat to the country to enjoy life – deep breaths, a bit of personal challenge and chummy conversation. 

Did you know, Fred Astaire was a golfer?  

Yep, in fact, check him out in this video:

In 2016, a Golf Digest article quoted Fred Astaire as claiming that his proudest achievement was “a 4-wood I hit on the 13th hole at Bel-Air Country Club in 1945.”  

The article said his handicap was 10. Apparently, he wanted to incorporate golf into a dance routine and ended up doing so in Carefree, a 1938 release where he co-starred with Ginger Rogers. 

Dance is one of those activities that can make you feel great. Golf, too.   

Do you know what makes you happy? Do you make time to do those things? If not, what’s holding you bck?   

If you’re a good golfer, you can absolutely dance. Like any skill, if you learn the fundamentals, you can do it in timeBallroom dancing is simply learning the fundamentals, building the basics into a routine, and practicing as much as you can. In time, it’s like a second home.