Goal Setting

10606428_10152799970009747_1122751649633076423_nAt Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Bloomfield Hills, you don’t simply sign up for a dance lesson.

You sign up for a process, a relationship where you will transform into a dancer.
Every student in our studio has a binder that maps their progress. Our instructors write down the students’ goals and create a process for achieving them.

We set actual and specific goals with our students. Why?

Because as with anything else, when people say they want to do something, without a goal to work toward, eventually they start to lose interest and sputter out, abandoning that endeavor and all they’ve learned.

We believe strongly in the power of setting goals for ballroom so our students can achieve what they came here to do! Dance the first wedding dance. Look elegant at their daughter’s wedding. Compete. Perform at a mini-match or Showcase in our studio.

Whatever the goal, there is a path to get there.

Of course, everyone has a different goal, which is why our lessons are so customized. We want you to achieve your dreams!
We always have to push ourselves to achieve something worthwhile. I never want a student to come in and the teacher to say, “What do you want to work on today?”

I want our students to understand there is direction, an outline for their participation here. And I want them to feel good about their progress. Without goals, there’s no way to measure how far we’ve come – and how far we can go.