Music Is Good For You

Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

How many times a day to you play music?

Some people work, cook, even garden with music playing in the background, but too many people go through their days without the mellifluous notes of soothing, inspiring, invigorating music to guide them.

The effects of music on people are profound. I see it every day in our dance studio. The music starts to play and expressions soften, people smile more, they unknowingly move their bodies to the rhythm, they become happier and less stressed.

It’s important to have music in your life – which is easy when you regularly dance. But when you don’t, it’s important to find ways to include music in your days.

Did you know people derive these benefits from music?

  1. Improved Verbal IQ – People who play music regularly have better visual and verbal skills than those who don’t. Your cognition benefits from being around music.
  2.  You’ll Be Happier – Moods lift when you listen to upbeat music. Engaging with music affects your mood.
  3. You’ll Be More Connected to Others – Making music with other people – or dancing to it – connects you to other people, which increases satisfaction in life overall.
  4. Your Heart will be Healthier – More than 20 studies revealed that listening to music reduces your heart rate, blood pressure and anxiety – increasing heart health.
  5. Mood Management – Music improves moods, even sad tunes. Seriously! Studies show that even sadder songs manage moods as we are uplifted by happy music but not crushed by sadder songs.