New Year’s Resolutions…to Dance!

As we ring in 2018, many people will be making lists of resolutions for the new year, habits they’d like to change, traits they want to improve. Will ballroom dance be on your list of New Year’s Resolutions?

Here’s why it should be!

The number one New Year’s Resolution of all time is “Get In Shape.” Ballroom is a GREAT way to get in shape while also shaping up your brain and spirit. More than one-third of the population aims to get in shape every new year, but the problem is, they often don’t achieve that goal because it’s so hard to build new habits.

Dancing is low-impact aerobic activity that boosts your metabolism. Thirty minutes of dancing can burn 200-400 calories, similar to running or cycling.

With our Fred Astaire system of teaching dance, you’ll get in shape in no time, and fall in love with a new hobby. Who knows, maybe this time next year, you’ll be swirling a sequined dress at a competition!

The number three Resolution is to “Stop Procrastinating.” Ok, so sign up for a ballroom dance package and then you’ve committed to at least the first few lessons. You can’t put it off any longer – you have to attend what you’ve already signed up for! And once you realize how much you love dancing, you’ll keep coming back. Bye bye, procrastination!

The number four Resolution is “Improve Your Concentration and Mental Skills.” Well, ballroom is perfect for this, too! A 2016 study in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience revealed that dancing can help prevent memory loss. Dance improves cognitive domains (spatial memory), and when you dance with a partner, it produces even stronger mental health benefits and decreases loneliness.

The fifth most popular Resolution is to “Meet New People.” This is a no-brainer! With our group dance lessons and dance parties many days of the week, dancing is a perfect and safe way to meet new people. Check off this resolution as accomplished!

Numbers six and seven in the New Year Resolutions list are often “Become More Active” and “Become More Confident and Take Some Chances.” Both apply to ballroom dancing. You’ll be active, of course, as you sashay across the parquet, and if you’re more of an introvert, you’ll learn to come out of your shell bit by bit as you meet new people in dance lessons and at parties, and you’ll feel more comfortable saying hello.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to dance in 2018. You won’t be sorry!