Real Men Ballroom Dance

Ever heard a man say he doesn’t dance?

Most men, when they say they don’t dance, or they can’t dance, the reality is that they’re afraid to dance.

But they can’t say that!

They cloak their fear in “can’t” or “don’t” to prevent any potential embarrassment.

I’m here to rip off the bandage and say, everyone can dance.

And even more than that, real men ballroom dance.

A real man is someone who’s going to get out there on the parquet, banish their fear to a faint memory, and partner with somebody in a lead-and-follow dance mode. They’re going to try.

They’re not afraid of being embarrassed, or thinking they’re going to be embarrassed. That fear is what prevents most people from coming into the studio.

On one of the first seasons of Dancing With The Stars, there was a big husky football player who, during an interview, was asked how he would talk to his teammates about his ballroom dance experience.

He said, “Real men ballroom dance.”

Many men say they have two left feet. We can show them, if they’re brave enough to take a step forward, that dancing is like any athletic skill: once you learn the fundamentals, you can dance with anybody.

Dancing is a team sport. You learn how to lead, how to be attentive to a partner, how to be aware of your steps and how they affect others.

When wedding couples come to us, if they can’t communicate on the dance floor, we worry about what’s going to happen in the rest of their lives.

Dance is like any interactive activity. If you can communicate between the players clearly at the beginning, the partnership builds stronger each time and you can do anything.

So men, take it from me. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

If anything, ballroom dancing will show you just how much you can do – if you push past the fear.