Strong Women Welcome

For the first time ever, our nation was close to being led by a strong, independent woman. This is a milestone for us as a nation – and an opportunity to look closer at what drives strong women – and how that relates to dance.

You may not know it but at our studio, many of our students are strong, independent women. Interestingly, though they may be strong and confident in their lives, many women are hesitant to step into a dance studio without a partner.

Strong women are welcome here – with or without a partner. And often, it’s without a partner that they soar.

Yes, we intend the metaphor. Because in dance, all you need to do is learn your part of the dance. There will always be a partner – whether in class, with your instructor, at a dance party or in one of our group lessons – to guide you.

In dancing, strong women must learn to let go of control. That can be hard when they are in charge everywhere else in their lives!

But it’s a great lesson, too. Sometimes even the toughest person wants to loosen her grip on the reins for a while and let someone else drive.

On the dance floor, strong women – who are often characterized in unflattering ways as opposed to men who are revered for their toughness – can soften and become more “lady-like.”

We see it all the time. Strong women who don’t promote their feminine side on a regular basis are drawn to the beautiful gowns worn for dance competitions, realizing they don’t have to sacrifice their strength to be beautiful on the parquet.

Strong, independent, dare I say it – tough! – women are always welcome at Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Because on the dance floor, none of that matters. It’s about knowing the steps, being able to communicate with a partner, leading and following, and letting the music seep inside you.