Summertime in Michigan

I almost want to say it’s the best time of the year – but in our studio, every season is a great time to dance.

That said, summer in Michigan is a great time to be outside and enjoy the abundance of things we have to do here – water, woods, city life. This is the most beautiful, lush time in Michigan. The greenery and fresh air, the beautiful Great Lakes and small fresh water lakes alike, beckon us outside and there is so much to do.

But even as we venture outside, summer remains a great time to continue to dance, even to begin learning to dance.

Many activities on our studio roster keep students incented to dance, to perform in our summer showcase, to participate in competitions across the Midwest and around the country, to attend our weekly Friday night Dance Parties. We keep the studio cool and air-conditioned, so they don’t sweat too much even if it’s in the 90s outside.

At no point in the year do we stop dancing. Really! It’s just always the season for dance, whether the sun sets early or it stays bright outside until well into the night. Join us!