Team Building

As much as we build our own team on a daily basis, we also help build other teams. This is a new area we are getting into, and we love it.

Companies and nonprofits, large and small, look for ways to build their teams’ camaraderie and collegial success. They go to ropes courses. They take retreats. They go on trips, like we do, and they take dance lessons.

We’ve hosted some, and we love it!

The idea behind many of these team-building settings is to get people out of their comfort zone and learn to work together outside the office. What better place than a ballroom dance lesson!

In ballroom dancing, you can’t do it alone. You must work with lead and follow, learn to lead, learn to follow directions, all while making a connection with another person.

That’s why dance lessons involving a corporate team, besides offering a fun physical activity, increasing endorphins, and teaching important work-together skills, are so brilliant.

In one hour, it’s amazing what we can do. In two, it’s even better! Plus, we have the space to handle any size team.

So next time you’re looking for a unique activity for your team, consider Fred Astaire Dance Studio. From our team to yours.