Team Building

Chapel Rock and Lake Superior - Upper Peninsula of MichiganLast summer, we took our team to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a long weekend of hiking and splashing about in cold Lake Superior and bonding over meals, games, campfires in a most beautiful part of our state.

Next, in February, we’re taking our team to Florida to visit Universal Studios.

We try to do this often. Why? Because one of the best ways to build a team is to reward them, frequently, for work well done.

We have daily meetings and trainings. We have one-on-one mentoring. We set weekly goals, individually and collectively. We set studio goals by week, month and year.

Monopoly - car on Park Place with hotelAnd when we meet our goals – or surpass them, like we did in 2016 – we say thank you.

In a big, big way.

One of the Fred Astaire business trainers visited us a few months ago and while talking to one of my teachers, the trainer learned about our team-building trips. 

Clear Blue Sky at Sandy Beach with Rocky CoastlineShe said, “Oh my gosh!! Don’t tell my teachers that – they’ll all want to come work here.”

Why wouldn’t they?

We are only as good as our teachers, and this team-building initiative is money well-spent. You have to invest in your team if you want your business to grow.