Thinking About Home

Lada and I recently made a big move from our suburban home to a new house in an historic neighborhood of Detroit. We’re so excited! And, it’s a lot of work.

Given the historic nature of our new home, we’ve had to find expert contractors for plaster work, wood work, and more. You’d think it would be hard to find these artisans who specialize in handiwork, but when you’re the best in your field, people find you.

I liken it to our dance studio. Our instructors are professionals, working full-time for us, training daily, devoting their talent and their focus to our students. When you’re the best, people find you.

But back to the house. We decided to move to a neighborhood that has a true sense of community. And so far, we’ve been beyond thrilled.

One of my first days at the house, a neighbor walked over to introduce himself. That night, my phone rang. It was my new neighbor. “Evan, your garage door is still open. Do you want me to go close it for you?”

I’d only known him a few hours, and already he was looking out for me. In this neighborhood, people are nice and friendly and looking out for one another. They know first names. They smile when they see you. They watch your house, knowing you’ll watch theirs.

People ask me if it’s safe to move to Detroit. I smile and nod. Safe? Yep. Diverse? Incredibly.

Defying every stereotype or fear about our city, we are finding that what you give out comes back to you ten times over.

Sort of like dance.