Two Left Feet

Sexy Stilettos: black patent leather

Ever heard the expression, “I have two left feet – I can’t possibly dance”?

It’s said widely as a response when a person faces the prospect of dance lessons doesn’t really want to give it a try. Simple answer – two left feet, I can’t dance.

It’s sort of silly, isn’t it?

I mean, let’s take it from a literal perspective. Of course you don’t have two left feet. Not possible! There’s a right, and a left, just as every person has. The miracle of the human body. The shoes fit as they should, and the pair of feet is truly a pair on which we support our entire existence.

(If you really do have two left feet, you could make a lot of money exhibiting this anomaly around the world!!)

Now metaphorically, ok, perhaps you believe you’re clumsy. You trip a lot. You’re the person who stumbles and falls, who moves about in a silly fashion.

You’ve never felt graceful.

Ok, so what?

That’s one story you’ve chosen to live. Does it serve you? Is it truly how you want to see yourself?

Welcome, inscription in chalkMy guess is no.

And if I’m right, then it’s time to write a new story.

The truth is, no one is born as a dancing guru. No one flits about like Fred Astaire without lessons and practice and more practice.

Two left feet.


I don’t buy it.

What other excuse have you got?