The Unexpected Side of Dance

When you decide to take dance lessons, you know you’ll probably have fun and learn a few things. You think you might get a little exercise, but not much.

Our students are surprised again and again by the myriad benefits ballroom dancing offers them.

Yes, it’s exercise, but not just a little – a lot!! Salsa dancing burns 400 calories in an hour for someone weighing 140 pounds, more for heavier people. Swing dancing burns between 300-550 calories, depending on how intensely you do it, and fast-paced ballroom can burn more than 300 calories in an hour.

You’ll also tone muscles, develop strength and muscle definition, protect bone density and prevent osteoporosis, and build core strength, balance and flexibility. The physical benefits are numerous and seemingly endless!

But there’s more.

Ballroom lessons build confidence, improve social skills, reduce stress. You’ll make friends, find a community to connect with. You’ll meet people you would never otherwise cross paths with.

Many studies have shown that ballroom dancing can help prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s. The mental part of it is vast – being in the moment, focusing on the steps and enjoying your movement, you’ll tune out the stresses of the rest of the world.

People don’t realize all they’ll get out of ballroom dancing when they first sign up. Once they do, the sky’s the limit!