What Do People Come Here For?

group of people connected by linesIt’s not really to dance.

Well, it is, but not just dance.

I tell my teachers all the time that if you just focus in on students learning dance steps, you’re not focusing on the right things.

Students come to our studio for other things. It’s just the way it is in the dance industry.

They look for common bonds, connection with people, not just dance steps.

They come for the three primary benefits that students receive while dancing:

  • Physical (exercise, flexibility, balance)
  • Young man in gumshoes and jeansMental (stress relief, long-term cognitive strength) and,
  • Social (bonds, connection, friendship, community)

As I look at all these events we do – group and private lessons, dance parties, showcases and competitions – I see that our students have their own community.

Even bigger than our studio, dancers that have been dancing for a long time see each other at dances and build a social life. I’m sure they have other things to do in their lives too but dancing gives them some fulfillment.