What Do You Believe?

At my networking meeting during the summer, we were asked to each stand and give a 28-second commercial, a stump speech about our businesses.

I got up and said, “I believe in the elimination of the wallflower.”

I do. I believe everyone should feel confident about connecting with another human and kicking it up on the dance floor. I believe in the potential for fun when the lights dim and the music blares and two hands touch. I believe in the potential for community, camaraderie, and connection because of dance.

It’s an interesting approach to business. Stump speech? Business beliefs? What do you stand for?

At Fred Astaire, we believe in eliminating the wallflower and empowering the dancer. We believe in every person’s potential to learn the steps to move around the dance floor elegantly and confidently. We believe in the power of community to build up the individual. We believe in the happiness that dance can bring.