What Stops You?

I run into people who say they always wanted to learn how to social dance. I tell them to call our studio, schedule a first lesson, show up, be open and willing to listen to our certified professional instructors, take notes, stay for a group lesson, and come to a party and meet our students.

Sometimes they do. Most of the time they don’t

And I always wonder why.

Recently, I was at the health club working out. In the steam room afterwards, I struck up a conversation with a guy, and he asked me what I did.

I said, “Oh I own a ballroom dance studio.”

To which he said, “Oh I’ve always wanted to learn how to dance.”

I had to ask. So I said, “Why haven’t you?”

He stammered his reply. Which is to say, he didn’t really reply. Because there is no reply to that question.

I said, “It’s not hard – that’s all you have to do.” We’ll see if he comes.

What stops you from dancing?