Relationships Benefit From Dance

Ballroom dance is a lead-and-follow endeavor. Whether we realize it or not, so are relationships.

On the dance floor, we have to teach the men how to lead and the ladies how to follow. In many relationships, the women take charge and the men follow along, and so on the dance floor they have to learn new roles.

It requires communication, patience, and respect for one another’s role in the dance.

Even though men have traditionally been the dominant partners in relationships, they often do not truly know how to lead. They also don’t know how to hold the proper frame, how to direct someone else’s movements.

And for that matter, many women don’t know how to slow down and wait for direction from their partner. How to trust that he will lead down the right path, to somewhere good.

Many women grew up with dance. They automatically move to the rhythm. Dancing is familiar territory.

So it’s frustrating to hang back and wait for the man to catch up.

Trust me, it’s worth it. Not only for the particular dance moves that you’re learning. For the entire relationship.

A relationship is a balance of give and take, of coming closer and stepping back. There must be balance in those roles or everyone feels off-kilter, resentful, angry.

Learning to ballroom dancing can build harmony in any relationship if you follow this flow. It takes time, patience, and trust that you’ll get there, together.