Valentine’s Day & Dancing

happy valentine's day

It happens every year. Flowers, chocolates, red and pink hearts, expectations big and small.

Did he forget? Will she be satisfied? The pressure is on, the clock is ticking. Valentine’s Day just passed – were you prepared? Do you have a brilliant, romantic idea that you’ve never done before?

Consider dancing this Valentine’s Day.

Whether it’s a foot in the door to try out dance lessons as a couple, or a full-on package to begin your dancing as a couple, ballroom dance is a practical, fun and meaningful way to celebrate the love you have for someone else.

Consider dancing this Valentine’s Day

It’s an activity you can do together. It sets a regular date night or several! It helps you get in sync, build the connection, enhance your chemistry.

Plus, it’s fun, it gets you both in shape, and it helps you build mind-body-spirit synergies for yourself and as a couple.

What are you waiting for? Give the gift that keeps on giving this Valentine’s Day, and shows how much you love one another. For it takes a very giving person to give a gift where they have to show up every time, take your hand and, smiling, sail over the dance floor in unison.

What’s love if not dedication and commitment? Let’s dance!