Your Marriage is a Dance

Couple-Hugging-Hands-Over-Shoulders-with-Ring-000064195289_MediumDid you know ballroom dance lessons could be the key to rekindling your marriage?

Think of your marriage as a dance. In the beginning, the excitement of a new partner is enough to keep you alight. You’re drawn to each other, the passion and enthusiasm are there, and you move in coordinated quick steps.

But as the relationship deepens, and you get more serious, that can change. Perhaps children come along. Maybe you get mired in your respective careers and barely surface for time together, thinking the relationship will be there when you can get to it.

Time passes, years pass, and then the kids are grown or you’re ready to retire and you realize you have not surfaced to look at your spouse for, perhaps, years.

I love you so much! Low angle view of senior man kissing his cheerful wife while being covered with plaidUh oh.

Marriage is a long and winding trail. The excitement waxes and wanes. That’s normal.

But if you forget what initially brought you together, you risk the danger of breaking up – if you don’t reclaim that connection.

That’s where dance comes in.

Dance is a way to find an activity you can do together.

Not every couple will share the same passions. Not everyone wants to play golf or tennis.

Couple hugging and holding hands while looks an engagement ringWith dancing, you are in each other’s arms, moving around the dance floor, enjoying time together. You have to learn to work together in dancing, just like the marriage, give and take.

And hopefully, you reconnect, reignite the passion, rekindle the romance.

After all, dance forces you to touch, to look each other in the eye, to smile. Your adrenaline flows, your energy pulses, and before you know it, you’re back where you started.

Happy together. In the dance.