Mediation Through Dance

We all know relationships take work. But what does that really mean?

When people fall in love and pledge to enter into a long-term lasting relationship, it seems easy. They can’t imagine the challenges they might face down the road.

And then they hit a road block where they are frustrated, or tired, or a host of other descriptors of a life too full with expectation and obligation. And they cease spending time together, talking, connecting, remembering why they came together in the first place.

This week (October 11-17), lawyers across the country are recognizing the power of mediation, or alternative dispute resolution, to resolve relationship turmoil. In that case, it relates to ending a relationship.

But I’d like to suggest an alternative dispute resolution of my own.


Dance has the power to reunite people and reignite the flame they once felt together. You come together on the dance floor, despite all trepidation and hesitation, and forget about old arguments and frustrations.

You touch hand to hand, get close, and start to work in sync again. Step after step, guided by an encouraging teacher, you move fluidly across the parquet and you start to release all the hostility that’s built up.

Whether your relationship needs fixing or it doesn’t, dancing together is one great way to reconnect. It happens to everyone, this distance. We get busy with work and family and kids and worries and we simply forget to make time for our relationship.

And so, couples find us. Empty-nesters trying to find something to do together after the kids are grown and gone into lives of their own. Young couples seeking a date night activity to refresh their bond. New couples looking for ways to deepen their communication and enjoyment together.

I truly believe that if everyone danced sooner, there would be no ending to relationships. They would find ways to smile and laugh and enjoy one another simply by moving across the dance floor.

How do you build a relationship that endures? Find common ground, make time to be together, connect, learn to work together…while dancing.

Someone leads, someone follows and you restore the balance in the relationship. It’s as easy as that.