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Our Dance Calendar

In our Oradell, NJ dance studio we offer dance instructions through the combination of private lessons, group sessions and social parties.

*Check out our calendar below for all upcoming group classes, social parties, events and guest coaches*

Please check with your instructor for more details on what classes fits best with your program.

Private lessons are offered  Monday – Fridays 12pm- 9pm and Saturday & Sunday by appointment.

Group Sessions are done with one instructor to a group of people all working on the same thing. Groups are a great way to meet others, work on lead and follow and get questions answered that others probably have too.  The dances covered vary month to month.

Social Parties also known as practice parties are a great way to put everything you learned in your privates and groups into practice.  Its the perfect way to know how you will feel in your next wedding event, cruise or gala social. We turn on our disco ball, bring out appetizers and beverages and have tons of fun. Social Parties are hosted twice a month.

We also host special guest coaches. You will always find the finest in dance instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studios and we like to expand our reach by bringing in some of the finest coaches from all over the world to help you learn and grow.

“Only positive outcomes can come from dance—joy, physical health, mental stimulation, stress reduction, and laughter to name a few.” 

For more information on how you can get started dancing with us, please give us a call at:

201-265-6100 or email us at