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6 Ballroom Dances Sure To Turn Up the Heat This Winter

Fads Dec 13 - Dancing is a great way to reignite the flame with your partner and these six styles of dance are sure to keep you warm this winter!

Remember, ballroom dancing is a chance to do a little makeover on yourself. Feeling confident makes you feel more desirable – and frankly, how could you not be, with these dances! Move your body with grace, rhythm and better posture. You know what they say… Confidence is the new Sexy!


Slow. Sultry. Sexy. Rumba is considered by many as the “dance of love” and requires serious chemistry among partners. Rumba’s characteristic slow and smooth hip movements are perfect for couple who want to add some fire to their love life.


Grab the right attention. Be bold, be confident, and be flirtatious. The mambo is a sensual, expressive, and passionate dance that will spark heat in your new or life-long love story. Learn the long, flowing, exaggerated hip movements of the Mambo at one of our Fred Astaire Dance Studio Locations.


Danced all over the world, the many styles of the Salsa are all characterized by passionate energy, and the joy it instills. Considered a social dance, the Salsa is the dance of clubs. Add energy and joy to your night out–or your night in. 


Upbeat and flirtatious, it’s hard not to feel the passion when dancing the Cha Cha. Small steps and lots of hip action, the cha cha is a sexy, yet playful dance. Dive deeper into the Cha Cha: The History of the Cha Cha.

Paso Doble

A victorious bullfighter showing off his elegant yet powerful cape. The Paso Doble is inspired by the enthusiasm and drama of the bullfighter. A man showing of his prized partner; a woman showing her power and elegance. The Paso Doble will foster pride, confidence, heat, and love between you and your partner this winter. 


It Takes Two to Tango. Among the most popular dance styles, the Tango will add class, drama, and romance to your winter dance routine.  Get up close and personal with the dramatic dance of the Tango.

For the finest in ballroom dance instruction, visit Fred Astaire Dance Studios. We offer private lessons and group classes in all forms of ballroom dance, including the sexy and fun dances mentioned in this article, so drop by and become part of our family!