Get A Head Start!

91066387 2596686270651220 4777930364070920192 n“To dance is to live,” wrote Charles M. Schulz, the beloved creator of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the Peanuts gang. And that’s just what our plan is – to dance and to live.

Dance has always enhanced life, made it sweeter. Maybe now more than ever. As the world edges toward a new normal, we’re reminded that many of the pleasures we’ve savored – the company of family and friends, travel, hobbies outside the home – are soon to return. There will be weddings to attend, resorts to visit, evenings out on the town where the music brings everyone onto the dance floor. We don’t know in full what the new normal heralds, but eventually we’ll settle into it and reestablish as many routines as we can.

Why not refresh all that you know and love about dance, and learn a few new things as well, ahead of the invitations and plans that lie ahead? This is a great time to work on dance by accessing online lessons and videos.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios® Online Lessons offers the perfect entry point. Discover an exciting new way to stay active and experience the joy of dance, from home! Take a peek – we’ll wait right here.

Great, isn’t it? With our new virtual platform, you can explore video lessons on a variety of dance styles & topics led by our certified instructions, enjoy LOTS of FREE dance content, book private streaming lessons led by one of our world-renowned International Dance Council members & Dance Champions –even sign up for our exciting new streaming Master Class Series (May 4th – 28th, 2020)! Here are unprecedented opportunities to stay active, engage with your family, sharpen your dance skills, have fun, and learn from some of the best coaches available anywhere. Check it out today and experience ballroom dance from home, or anywhere – only from Fred Astaire Dance Studios®.

This is a terrific time to get a head start on the spring rebirth and summer fun. Learn a new dance or two. Hone your skills on the old favorites. Be ready for that destination wedding on a sunny beach or a trip to a tropical clime. Let’s put our best feet forward!

To dance is to live. For us, that’s as true as it gets. So let us live … and let us dance into the future.