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Is Dancing on the Menu This Labor Day?

Outside Dancing Online Lessons - This Labor Day might not be the same as past ones but that’s no reason we can’t still enjoy the holiday. We just need to find different ways of doing it.

Planning a backyard barbecue with the family? Party on. But let’s think about staying active if we can’t march in the parade or go to the beach. And let’s stay active by dancing. It celebrates the spirit, and why shouldn’t we celebrate that?

Half an hour of dance is as good for burning calories as half an hour of jogging … and a lot less sweaty than pounding the pavement outdoors. Your Fred Astaire Dance Studio is there for you as you pursue your dance passion.

During these times, dance can be a solace for our souls. Dance helps us stay healthy and active, relieve stress, and recharge. And our all-new Fred Astaire Dance Studios® Online Lessons platform lets you enjoy dance – anywhere!

With this new program, you can unlock the door to an extensive library of dance lesson videos – many styles and techniques, all led by our certified instructors and world-renowned International Dance Council Members. And for the ultimate in-home dance experience, book live-streaming lessons with your choice of one of our International Dance Council members or 2019 Dance Champions.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Check it out right here:

This year might not look quite as similar to past years but we can still find ways to celebrate and have fun! Today will pass and tomorrow beckons. Build those good habits now. Stay healthy and fit with dance, and have a safe and healthy Labor Day Weekend!