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A Letter to the President

Cust Testimonial 1 - A Letter From A Grateful StudentDear Mr. Rothweiler,

My wife and I recently did our first spotlight dance.  Never in thirty years of marriage did we ever think we could dance, let alone be confident and proficient enough to do so for an audience.  It was truly a benchmark moment in our lives. My wife and I have always been the “wallflowers” watching others enjoy themselves on the dance floor.  Thanks to the talented staff at your Schererville, Indiana studio those days are gone.

The staff (Amanda, Jessica, Casie and Mark) creates a welcoming atmosphere that lets students feel at ease when learning the art of dance.  To the novice, dance can be a bit intimidating.  The embarrassment from taking the wrong steps is real. However, with the regular Friday dance parties teachers invite students to dance to a variety of songs.  Each instructor makes their partner feel at ease and the process becomes an informal lesson.  Fear of making a mistake gives way to an eagerness to try new dance steps knowing that you will receive only constructive criticism and praise.

I would like to give special praise to our teacher Amanda Dunlap.  Amanda is talented, graceful and patient.  My wife and I are not naturally nimble.  It takes us longer to learn and execute dance steps than many of the other students.  Amanda has a way of breaking each step down into understandable components.  That skill coupled with constant enthusiasm for each and every success we have on the dance floor betrays the deep passion Amanda has for dance.  She makes learning dance fun.  She has often described her work as her dream job.  It shows.  She is an excellent teacher, an asset to your operation.  I know quality in teachers; I am a principal at an elementary school in Chicago.

We are looking forward to our first showcase.  The event is coming soon.  My wife and I have kept our dance lessons secret from our son and daughter-in-law.  We will surprise them when we Fox Trot at the showcase.  It will be memorable.

Please feel free to share this.


Mr and Mrs Carl M Ploense III

This warm & wonderful letter was sent to Jack Rothweiler, (now, former) President of Fred Astaire Dance Studios, in early 2015. We like it because it offers genuine praise to our dance instructors, curriculum and studio… but we LOVE it because it’s such an evocative example of the benefits of dance – and of what dance lessons have done for this couple (and can do, for you too)! Contact us at Fred Astaire Dance Studios and get started on YOUR dance journey today. You’ll be so glad you did.