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Retiring? Here Are 5 Fun Hobbies To Keep You Vibrant

Retirees 4 - Many people make elaborate plans in preparation for retirement. According to, four million people retire in the U.S. every year. Their finances are in order and their medical plans are in place. They’ve planned to retire, but haven’t planned what to do with all of the time that comes with freedom from the world of work.

Think about it. No more eight-hour days (nine, with a lunch hour). No more hour-long commutes on either end of that work day. So how do we fill these many hours we’ve longed for? We can make a few recommendations so that boredom does not become an issue in your life after that first glorious year of relaxation.

  1. Tap into your creative side. Perhaps your career did not allow for many experiences in the arts and music. What a great time to take part in community theater, with music lessons, singing in a choir or learning to dance. Learning to dance combines so many of these elements – the creative outlet and music among them. Fred Astaire Dance Studios offer group and private classes in all forms of ballroom dance.
  2. Food pantries, civic groups and political organizations rely on people of good will who believe in the cause. Hours are flexible and the people you spend time with are like-minded and dedicated. This positive uplift can be missing from the lives of retirees.
  3. Get in shape. That desk job leaves many with aching backs and tight hips and maybe a few extra pounds. A good workout program can help. The cost of a gym membership is sometimes offset (in part) by health insurance, and trainers can prescribe a workout program for any specific need. Let us remind you that dance is also a fabulous way to improve flexibility, strength and cardio conditioning. Join us for a salsa class and you will find out!
  4. You might not have been a teacher during your career, but think about all of that knowledge accrued over the years in accounting or journalism. Adult education programs offer many courses, so why not lend your expertise? Are you bi-lingual? You can teach English as a Second Language (ESL). Always been a guitar player? Why not teach guitar to newbies? Any hobby – fishing, knitting, baking – or technical skill – computers, small home repairs – can be passed along to others. You might even get paid for this, but at the very least you can share your passion.
  5. Go back to school, yourself. You can learn new skills or experience art and literature now that time is in your favor. This also provides a great social dimension, allowing you to mix with folks of all ages.

Retirement can be a wonderful time if you use the time and don’t suffer under its weight. Making a plan – just as you did for finances and health care – will help you enjoy your days and keep them full and happy. We suggest you start at Fred Astaire Dance Studios.