What To Expect From Wedding Dance Lessons

fads what to expect Wedding Dance LessonsThat special First Dance between the wedding couple is more than just steps on a dance floor.

For one, it’s symbolic of two moving as one, uniting and merging in a display of beauty and grace. It also heralds the joining of two families as those closest to the wedding couple also take to the dance floor.

At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we offer a customized wedding dance program that gives you the confidence and skill to perform a variety of dances. When that magical moment arrives, your friends and family will be amazed by your elegance, style, and grace. Learn more about our wedding programs, here.

In a short amount of time, our warm, caring and talented dance instructors can help you learn a few basic steps or, if you have more time, choreograph the whole dance for you! Whether you want just a simple dance, or A “You-Tube worthy” choreographed routine for the entire wedding party, we have the answers for you. We also offer group classes for families – for a memorable father/daughter and mother/son dance. We can help your parents (or special friends or family members who may be standing in that traditional role) feel assured and confident on the dance floor, too.

Here’s what to expect from Wedding Dance Lessons:

  • We’ll start with a private meeting with one of our experienced dance instructors, who will help you get started on bringing your First Dance dreams to life.
  • Based on your wedding day plans, we’ll help create a program that takes everything into account… the dimensions of your dance floor, your wedding attire, the length of your special song, etc., and covers every aspect – including how to walk onto the dance floor, how to overcome nerves, how to gracefully dance off any hiccups that may happen, and how to dance naturally – so YOU both will enjoy and remember these moments for the rest of your lives!
  • Be sure to bring your wedding shoes to rehearsal and get ready for some fun practice & rehearsal times! We want to make your First Dance one of the most memorable moments of your wedding day!

Spring, summer and fall are the heart of the wedding season, but the lessons learned at Fred Astaire Dance Studios will continue to translate for you both. As a couple, you will be attending weddings of friends and family, and you can continue to look spectacular on the dance floor. Think about dancing in the moonlight on the veranda of a lovely club or restaurant, dancing on an upcoming vacation, cruise, or business event. Wedding dance lessons are not just for weddings; they’re a gift that lasts a lifetime and one that gets better the more it’s used.

We’re serious. We mean it. So much so that we offer a FREE wedding consultation*. We will discuss with you everything regarding your First Dance and offer you a money-saving deal on a 30-minute private lesson with a certified Fred Astaire Dance Studio dance instructor.

That First Dance leaves lasting memories. You can create even more through all of your days together by continuing to dance. It all starts at a Fred Astaire Dance Studio, give us a call today. 

* Every Fred Astaire Dance Studio offers special Wedding Dance Program offers. Check with your local studio for details on their offer – and get dancing!