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Top Ten Reasons Mothers Need Dance

When you think of a Superhero who comes to mind? Perhaps Superman, Batman, or Spiderman. While these fictional characters are widely recognized through comic books and pop culture, we tend to overlook the most prominent Superhero in our everyday lives: our Mother.

If we’re being honest, Mothers are the backbone of our families. They are the foundation of our being, and a soft place to fall. They teach us right from wrong, instill strong values, and provide a lifetime of wisdom. It’s astounding how many hats a Mother wears without skipping a beat. One minute she’s ruling the board room, the next she’s dropping her child off at college, a minute later she’s a listening ear to a dear friend, all while running a household. With all of the time and energy spent on others, our selfless Superheroes need a way to recharge and take time for themselves.

Our Mothers cannot sustain their Superhero abilities without replenishing their physical, mental, and emotional health. Ballroom dancing is the perfect outlet for Mothers to boost their mind, body, and spirit. Not only is ballroom dancing a great exercise, it also reduces stress and helps build connections, all while having fun!

Don’t believe us? Check out our Top Ten Reasons Mothers Need Dance.


Dance Social3 22 -

#10: It Builds Endurance #keepupwiththekids


Moms, are you feeling a bit sluggish and ready to put aside that rubbish? Dance can do that! 

Dancing is an effective way to improve general endurance. The more sessions you attend, the more you’ll find yourself being able to go on with little to no fatigue. Surely, it will have you keeping up with the kids in no time!

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#9: It Enhances Memory  #rememberthetime


Memories are moments kept for a lifetime. Why not keep them fresh and alive?! Dance can do that!


Dance isn’t just a physical workout, it also keeps our minds sharp as a tack! Dancing provide the mental challenges of remembering dance steps, executing turns, and recognizing the beat. The more we stimulate our minds with dance, the stronger our memory will become.


Dance Social3 20 -

#8: It’s a Chance to Relax – #mommytime


As a Mom you may be thinking, ‘Relaxation? What’s that?’ Interested in finding out? Dance can do that!

Even the busiest of Moms need to make time for themselves! Dance provides a way to forget about your daily stressors, if even for a short while. The combination of movement, music, and social connectivity will whisk you away from reality into your own personal hideaway.

Dance Social3 19 -

#7: It’s an Emotional Outlet – #letitgo


Some days are full of emotions and all you need is a little escape. Moms AND GRANDMAS, did you know, Dance can do that!!

Ballroom dance lessons will provide that hopeful outlet you’re looking for! Once you start moving your body to the beat of the music, your head space will instantly become a brighter place!

Dance Social3 18 -

#6: It Helps Build Connections – #getoutofthehouse

Moms, are you craving close connections, being with friends, adult time?! Let’s chat because dance can help with that!

Are you craving closer connections, being with friends, or just plain old adult time? Ballroom dancing is the perfect opportunity to make new connections with others who share common interests. Rather than catching a movie, or reserving your regular dinner spot, you can engage in uplifting conversations and strengthen your social circle by trying this partnered activity. When we have a greater social circle, we have higher self-esteem, lower stress levels, and an increased sense of purpose.

Dance Social3 17 -

#5: It’s a Stress Reliever – #dance2meditate

Feeling STRESSED FROM EVERYDAY LIFE?!  It’s time to put those feelings aside with a trip to the dance floor! After all, dance can do that!

One of the best ways to cope with stress is exercise. Ballroom dancing is an excellent form of exercise to boost your mood while decreasing your stress levels. The physical act of dancing releases endorphins, which decreases the stress hormones, giving a sense of calmness. Forget a spa day – strap on your dance shoes and let’s get moving!

Dance Social3 16 -

#4: It Builds Flexibility (mentally & physically) – #stretchitout


Build flexibility in your mind and body with a quick trip around the dance floor. Then REPEAT it a few times more! Dance can do that!

But first – we must stretch! Stretching is one of the most important components of ballroom dancing. Regular stretching can help dancers increase their performance by avoiding injury, strengthening muscles, and improving joint movement. The more frequently you stretch and dance, the more flexible you become!

Dance Social3 15 -

#3: It’s a Creative Outlet – #expressyourself

Moms AND GRANDMAS, even you need a chance to express yourselves! Dance can do that!

Dancing provides a great way to release your thoughts and emotions through artistic movement. Once the music starts, and your body connects to the beat, you will find yourself getting lost in the music. No shame in your game! Everyone deserves to let loose.

Dance Social3 14 -

#2: It Improves Cardiovascular Health – #takeabreath

Keeping a strong heart to hold all the love you have for your children OR GRANDCHILDREN, friends, and family is important! Take a breath and INHALE all that love in! Dance can help you do that![

Engaging in any cardiovascular activity will improve your heart health, burn mega calories, and boost endorphins! By doing just 30 minutes of daily cardio, you can reduce the risks of heart disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. Let ballroom dancing be the reason you continue holding your loved ones a little closer to your heart!

Dance Social3 13 -

#1: It’s a Year Round Hobby #lifeisbetterwhenyoudance

Interested in a year round hobby great for Moms, AUNTS,& GRANDMAS? No need to fear, dance is here, and dance can do that!!

Ballroom dancing is one of the most inclusive activities that can be done year round! No matter your age, location, or dancing abilities, ballroom dancing will improve your overall well-being with just the FIRST lesson! What are you waiting for? Your future self awaits.


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