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Tips For Throwing a Great Holiday Dance Party

78920745 3053864467974651 628663348187103232 N - Holiday parties are a great way to meet and mingle, and enjoy the spirit of the season. And if you choose to host a holiday party, you’ll want it to be a memorable dance party. We salute that as a noble goal, and we’re here to help you achieve exactly that. Whether your party is an annual tradition or a one-time event, you want to do it up right and make it a highlight of the holiday season.

Soooooo …

  • Let’s mix it up. Invite a variety of people, preferably those who like to dance. Remember, we said dance party, not “stand around party.”
  • But remember that most folks, in a comfortable atmosphere, will take to the dance floor for at least the popular radio hits that are more free-form.
  • Co-workers are fine, family & friends are fine. People from different generations will party together. You could even have parents bring their kids.
  • Put them all together and you get an eclectic mix that includes those who know how to dance or are learning and a circle of folks who have something at least one thing in common – YOU!
  • Do not be afraid to be the first ones on the floor. Sometimes opening up the floor encourages others to get out there.
  • Most importantly, don’t be afraid to dance with someone better (or less experienced) than you are. They will appreciate being able to dance with someone else, and so will you.
  • Serve food and drinks (and don’t be shy about the latter).
  • You need not supply a complete buffet, you can even make this a potluck, but people enjoy being fed at holiday parties so make sure there is at least something.
  • Include some light fare for those watching their diet – a tray of crudites, for example – and some hot hors d’oeuvres as well.
  • Food that requires one hand should be uppermost in your mind, because the other hand needs to be reserved for a beverage and extending to a potential dance partner.
  • Use plastic or paper cups – you don’t want a dropped drink to shatter into glass on your floor.
  • Feel free to have an open bar or limit your spirits to beer and wine, or even just soda. You know your crowd and you want a party that all can enjoy.
  • Spread out your dancing before and after dinner, especially after cocktails. Some people may need a little liquid courage” to get up on that dance floor when no one else is dancing.
  • A variety of music nets the best result. Sure, you’ve worked hard to master the tango, but has everyone at your party done that?
  • Give everyone a chance to dance, with a mix of fast tunes, line dances, some slow ones for a little nuzzling and good old rock for those who remember fondly the Shag and the Mashed Potato.
  • Your cable TV system probably has a dance party station, but you can also burn discs of your favorite tunes.
  • Remember, not everyone knows how to dance expertly and you want to encourage as many people as possible to take part in social exchanges and dancing.
  • Are YOU ready to show off your dance moves? Consider a few dance lessons in advance at Fred Astaire Dance Studios, so you can get things started – and feel dazzling doing it!

Most importantly, remember at all times that this party is to have FUN and celebrate the joy of the season! As the organizer of the party, set the tone! Don’t fuss over a few spills, don’t yank arms to get people on the dance floor and don’t play the music so loud that conversation is drowned out. People love to talk and get to know each other at parties. Your only job is to make sure the party is fun.

That’s it. Pretty simple, huh? Why not throw a great holiday dance party at your place, or in your community’s party room? Bring a new crowd together to enjoy good fellowship and dance. Because Happy Holidays are happier, when we dance!