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A Good Luck Message to our Student Competitors


Knighttime -

KNIGHTtime by Stephen Knight, FADS Vice President and Executive Dance Director


As we gear up for our first National Dance Competition of 2020, I want to take this opportunity to wish all our competitors, both amateur and professional – Good Luck! Even though it’s called a ‘competition’, I encourage you to always try and think of it more as an experience. There are no losers at one of our Fred Astaire Dance Studios National events, only winners… if you have the right mindset.

I want you to remember why you started dance lessons in the first place. It wasn’t to be a competitor, it was for all the benefits that dancing can bring to your life. And as we all know, those benefits follow us off the dance floor and into our everyday lives as well:

• Dancing and competing can transform you into someone who can handle themselves in any situation with ease and with any partner.

• Partner dancing teaches you communication (both verbal and non-verbal) as you lead with, or follow cues from, your dance partner. Dancing also creates a sense of partnership, teamwork and shared goals.

• Competing with dancers of the same skills level as you will help advance your dance skills and give you an amazing sense of pride and confidence.

• Dancing helps you achieve your health goals – from weight loss & stress relief to cardio fitness.

• You get a chance to socialize with old friends, and make new friends from all over the country.

• You’ll have time to experience exciting destinations around the country, and make these dance events true vacation getaways!

• Friends and family are welcome to share the experience with you, and cheer you on as you compete. Guests may purchase Spectator tickets for specific Day or Evening sessions in advance at your studio or at the door.

• And my all-time favorite thing about FADS Nationals is the glamour! There is no other event that allows us to dress up in our finest and enjoy a hobby that is a culmination of art, sport, and science – while doing what we all love most, and that is DANCING!!!

So, enjoy the ride and come away all the benefits that FADS National Dance Competitions offer, and you will indeed be a winner!

Stephen Knight is Vice President & Executive Dance Director with Fred Astaire Dance Studios. He also serves as Dance Coach and Regional Franchise Director for the FADS Wisconsin Region. A National Champion during his competitive years, Stephen is most well-known for his choreography, and for creating a large portion of the Fred Astaire Dance Studios Silver Syllabus. For more information on the members of the Fred Astaire Dance Studios International Dance Council, contact us. And to get started on YOUR dance journey, contact Fred Astaire Dance Studios today.