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First, She Said YES To the Dress…

Img 20170725 131904 -When her husband, Mike, began getting serious about his dance lessons, Joan Treacy didn’t quite follow suit… until a ballroom dress, and the FADS Coral Gables FL family, changed her mind!

Mike Treacy started ballroom dance lessons at a competing dance studio when he & his wife, Joan, moved to Miami ten years ago. Says Mike, “I decided to learn Salsa, and I liked it… but Joan, not so much.” She accompanied Mike to a few competitions, “but she wasn’t having much fun.” Then Mike’s Instructor left, and people told him about the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Coral Gables, FL. “I instantly liked Vera (Owner, Instructor), and it’s been great dancing with her. Joan even commented to me, ‘This place feels really different. I like these people’.”

Mike’s first FADS dance competition was the Fred Astaire World Championships (FAWC) in Las Vegas in July 2017. Joan liked spending time with the Coral Gables group in the ballroom, and how supportive they all were. During the event, Vera said to Joan, “You know what, I just saw a dress that had your name written all over it.” Joan perked up and off they went. “Next thing you know,” Mike laughed, “Joan comes back and says ‘look what I bought!’” Mike said, “But you don’t even dance!” And that’s when Joan announced she’d decided to take ballroom dance lessons too! She joked, “now that I got this dress, I HAVE to, and I want to!” Since then, Joan’s been taking lessons several times a week – and she & Mike will compete together at an upcoming Fred Astaire regional dance competition. Mike says, “What used to be a source of tension is now part of what we have in common. When we’re in the kitchen, or taking the dogs for a walk, she’s practicing her dance steps! I’m still in shock, it’s such a positive development in our relationship.” What did it? Mike says, “That dress – that wonderful dress… and the people at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Coral Gables. Joan finds it challenging and is working to progress. Honestly, she’s a much better dancer than I am. I think it’s only a matter of time before she starts looking at other dresses!”

Way to go, Joan! Let us help you take the first step on your dance journey – contact Fred Astaire Dance Studios today!