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A Tiny, and Talented Competitive Ballroom Dancer!

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Sasha, a student at Fred Astaire Dance Studios of Miami Beach, sat down with her parents and inSTEP at the 2017 Fred Astaire World Championships in Las Vegas, to tell us why she loves dancing. Eight year-old Sasha truly enjoys competition. She takes dance lessons at the FADS Miami Beach studio “because I saw the trophies in the studio and I really wanted one. I want to win the World Championships.” She’s having a great time at the 2017 Fred Astaire World Championships “because everyone is looking at me.” Her favorite dance is the Cha Cha, “because it’s really fast”, but she also enjoys the Tango. “The best part is when you think something will be hard, but you learn it!”

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Sasha is no stranger to competing in an adult world. In September 2016, she and her FADS dance instructor, Stefan Ilies, performed a routine (choreographed by none other than Maxim Kozhevnikov!) for Granada, a showcase charity event where she was the youngest participant. Sasha told us, “St. Jude’s Hospital got all the money from sold tickets. It helped kids, and it’s important to me to help people. There was a big audience. Students from my class came and I got a standing ovation and lots of flowers!” She enjoys her Fred Astaire Dance Studio because, “They love me, and I do my stretches with Lucky, their dog.” Sasha says, “Thank you to my wonderful instructor, and my family at FADS Miami Beach! I love you all so much!”

Sasha hopes to attend another FADS National Competition soon … and maybe even the Blackpool Dance Festival “while I am still little”. Off of the competition dance floor, Sasha likes to show her friends what’s she’s learned in her ballroom dancing classes. She also enjoys cooking pasta and omelets, and playing with her baby sister. She would tell people to take ballroom dance because “there’s lots of fast dances, and it’s FUN!” Get started on your dance journey today, contact us at Fred Astaire Dance Studios.