Get Fit While Planning Your Wedding Dance!

Are you ready for the best and longest day of your life? There’s the ceremony, the pictures, the dancing, the guests to greet – weddings can be exhausting. That’s why it’s important to be sure you can make it all the way through your big day. It is your day, after all, and you want to be healthy enough to enjoy yourself while still getting everything done.

Being fit on your wedding day is almost as important as having a rockin’ first dance, and, as it happens, the two go hand in hand. Learning a dance is a workout, and a fun way to turn that extra fat into lean muscle. Why not kill two birds with one stone and get in shape while planning your wedding dance at Fred Astaire? Here are a few reasons why wedding dance lessons are a great idea:

You’ll fit into the dress (or tux). Planning a wedding can be stressful. And lots of stress can cause unexpected weight gain. You paid a lot of money for your outfit, and now is the time to make sure it still fits you for your big day. Exercise is a huge stress reducer, so not only will dance lessons keep you fit, they’ll also keep you relaxed and excited for your wedding day.

You won’t have any wardrobe catastrophes. Ever seen those funny YouTube videos of wedding trips and falls? Don’t be a laughing stock online. It’s important to learn how to move in your dress or tux before the big day, especially when dancing is involved. At Fred Astaire, you can even practice dancing in your wedding clothes so you won’t have any issues moving around on your big day.

You’ll look great in pictures. These days, not only will your wedding pictures be proudly displayed in your home for years to come, but you can expect all your friends to see them on social media, too. After taking dance lessons, you’ll be more toned, have a healthy glow and look energized and happy on your wedding day.

You’ll feel great about yourself. This is the most important reason of all. You should already feel amazing – you’re marrying the man or woman of your dreams and you have the happiest times of your life ahead of you. But why not feel even better knowing you are going into your wedding day energized, healthy and ready to show off some awesome dance moves?